Mumbai’s number one education institute – Studyplus

Studyplus, a distinguished educational institute based in South Mumbai took its first step in the field of teaching in the year 2010. Today they are looked up as a premium educational institution in Central & South Mumbai. Studyplus acts like a mother that constantly takes actions that help in the growth of their children. The plus in Studyplus are the excellent skilled teachers who are the pillars of their institution, quality study materials for exams, workshops for students and for their parents, and motivational talks in the form of seminars to help in the overall development of the students with that they create a joyful learning environment for all their students.


The one primary challenge Studyplus also us were facing was that there were a number of other educational institutions in the favoured locality of Lower Mumbai for which the brand wanted to beam out all of the competitors persona and create one for themselves.


To initiate and establish a severe brand impression onto the desired target groups also to spread awareness about the brand’s ideologies i.e. “Explore your potential.”


An innovative logo is one of the core aspects of promoting a company as the logo gives it recognition which helps to build its brand identity. The creative process of Studyplus’s logo initiated with thorough research & briefs about the brand’s core values which are being offered. A number of strong, memorable logo designs were primarily designed to gain more reviews and clear perspectives around the client’s visions. We finalized one design which is projecting the institution’s personality through it. It is positively influencing the way their customers treat them. Also the finalized logo is more eye-catching and memorable which has made the brand stand out from their competition.

#Marketing Collateral

We have been implementing multiple marketing techniques for Studyplus be it traditional or digital. One of them is marketing collateral that consists of brochures, newsletters, fliers, online brochures and fliers, bus stop ads etc. We have used these to bolster Studyplus’s online marketing, but they have also served the function of introducing core prospects to the audience as a company.

#Social Media Posts

Handling Studyplus’s social media marketing has been super fun. The right social media marketing strategy has made it easy for Studyplus to spread the word about their ideologies and mission. It has helped the brand gain the desired brand recognition because of the effective brand building done; consumers have been able to recognize the brand. Effective social media marketing has also helped the brand to gain traffic on their website; also we have been able to generate conversations between the audience and the brand.