June 3, 2019

Khamkar Spices

G.W.Khamkar Spices is a renowned and potential Maharashtrian spices brand with its roots eminently & vigorously grounded in the heart of Mumbai in Lalbaug. It consists of potential customers whose primary choice and preference for G.W.Khamkar’s spices has strongly captured their 4 consistent generations in their families. We programmed the online strategy for the brand, also keeping a strong & reliable brand image on social media platforms as well as we spread brand & product values through print advertisings.


The primary challenge which we were facing was to differentiate successfully with other spice brands with Khamkar added to their names in the market without confusing our target groups.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

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    UI/UX Design Website Design

Marathi Daily Soup

Content marketing success starts with knowing how to find your target audience. To begin to create content for G.W.Khamkar spices meant to know their target audience thoroughly. Defining who their real audience is helped us to focus not only on creating great content but on creating the right content. The Marathi serial campaign was created & designed wholly and solely for the working women & housewives in the period of COVID-19 lockdown who have always enjoyed their favourite Marathi serials at the evening prime time with their family. Our objective was to connect and position G.W.Khamkar spices with the primary target group to make them feel more connected and homely as they feel the same for their favourite Daily-soaps. The amount of engagement and love for the following social media campaign was more than expected.

Trending posts

Sometimes the best social media ideas come to you when you least expect them. Trending topics or topical posts on social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook represent a way for brands to capitalize on topical content and create engaging responses on the brands social media platforms. We have a limited window of opportunity for such content to make it relevant to the brand’s ideology, but also topical posts can score huge numbers. As per G.W.Khamkar spices creating topical content and following social media trends helped the brand to stay fresh and helped to add an extra story to the G.W.Khamkar’s image

Strong Product

For a strong product & brand positioning, it is essential to explain how the brand will create a sustainable competitive advantage in the minds of customers in order to gain loyal customers. With G.W.Khamkar’s various homemade spices products we attempted to capture a place in the mind of the customer with its strong & sophisticated identity also referring to its functional attributes & features. Our goals included of creating emotional benefits experienced during buying or using the spices. We also continuously kept hammering the products in the social media campaigns portraying and fulfilling different roles and emotions respectively.

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