June 3, 2019

Auto i Care

Auto i Care has been a professional roadside assistance expert since 2017 in the automobile sector. Their main area of business is to provide assistance to all types of car breakdowns that also include 24×7 assistance anywhere within 20 minutes of receiving a service call. Their dedicated team provides services for minor and major faults that could be solved on the spot. Also, they have more than 18000 RSA Network Service Stations all over India.


As the brand provides & operates its services all over the country, targeting a specific target group and geographical location is quite difficult while designing a strategy.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

₹1 Campaign

The Re. 1 campaign was ethically designed for all the essential workers running the cities & districts of our country. At first, the integrated roadside assistance package of ₹365 for 365 days was only available & a tribute for the essential workers, which then was active for all the people of India. An initiative that worked wonders through on-point promotional targeting which helped the brand gain amazing reach and awareness. Also, the campaign provided the brand with a wholesome amount of solid data of potential ready-to-buy customers. 


Celebrating festive occasions through social media affects the sentiments of the brand’s audiences because of which it has been essential creating a thorough and memorable post or campaign that connects with the mass result into the perfect brand recall. For all the festive occasions the strategy was to keep it subtle, creative, and engaging. Also, it has attracted numerous engagement when the brand’s audience has liked, shared, and commented on the festive creatives once they find those relatable. 

Topical post

The brand is always ready to try new & different things through its social media handles which gave us a route to reach the highway of trending and topical posts and move the brand’s content to a higher new level of fresh and high-quality content. With the use of topical content, the brand has been able to develop traffic and draw back the visitors who haven’t been back for quite a period of time. The aim through these topical posts being updated consistently was to move up in the search engine results as all of the search engines look for information that is relevant, topical, and useful for their users in any way possible.

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