A healthy upward moving start-up: GoodFood Vibes

GoodFood Vibes is a first of its kind service, primarily offering freshly cut fruits and other delicious healthy food variants to corporates and on-the-go working people, right at their desk. They ensure to provide healthy nutritional forms of snacks and fruits to revive individuals in their most busy hours. 


To ensure to create a safe and loud noise of the attributes and key features of the company’s products’ freshness as well as timely deliveries also to showcase these features primarily through social media. 


To spread the word, positively and continuously, of delivering freshness in the box to the on-the-go people and gaining the trust of the audience to develop a loyal customer base. 

#Creative Planning

We aim to add value to our client’s company by building meaningful connections through innovative planning, which is a way to give the new brand its desired exposure in the market. For a new type of business like GoodFood Vibes we came up with numerous small scale ideas which formed to be a big one at the end and gave the brand recognition in the selected target group.

#Fresh & Healthy Fruits Package

The brand delivers freshly cut, nourishing fruits and nutritious vegetables to the preferred address of its customers, for whom the customers need to subscribe.Our team has helped the brand to create innovative and enticing deals to ensure the sales are improved with a limited client budget. The results were impressive as the reach doubled in just a short amount of time and the company packed a tonne of optimistic leads. 

#Healthy-Snacks Photoshoot

Once the brand’s aesthetic logo was designed and finalized we rolled up our sleeves and initiated with their total products line’s packaging design. As packaging and its design is the “tongue” of the product. Our idea was to include loud colour schemes for each product to compete for customer’s attention amidst sheer number of products in the market. Our team has absolutely put in their conception, time & sweat to come up with four innovative & attractive designs within which the one you can see was finalized.