Top 7 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai

When we say that the world is going all digital and already more than half of it is already on multiple social media channels to market their business trust us, because it’s true! This digital era’s primary reason to bloom is that digital marketing is powerful, cost-effective and results & analysis oriented. Numerous Indian businesses are already leveraging multiple social media platforms to make their business go viral and benefit. While commencing with Digital and social media marketing, a strategic plan curated by the field’s experts and professionals is required. These strategies are curated to be useful for the business, are based upon an individual company’s goals, objectives, persona, scope, and target group. Below we’re listing down 7 Best High-Performing Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai. 

Empire Media 

Empire Media is known to be a progressive Digital Marketing Company in Byculla, Pune and Mumbai, founded by Ashish Shinde. Their team consists of creative young talents that are collaborative, work in integration, tech-savvy, and culturally relevant, which helps achieve their client’s goal, as they consider their client’s business win as their win too. Privileged access to the founders & core team, versatility & resilience when circumstances require that clean reporting and openness at every level while preserving full protection of the confidential data are some of the reasons why their clients love them!

They have got numerous skills and technologies under their sleeves. They are one of the best in SEO, SEM, ORM, CRM, branding, web development, video production, online marketing strategy, and social media marketing.

They don’t shout much about the ventures & achievements that they have bagged in such a short period. 

BrainCandy Digital Marketing & Post Production

BrainCandy is a digital marketing company headquartered in Mumbai, India, with an additional office in Dubai, UAE. It was established in 2014 and had six employees. The team provides SEO, web design, 

and social media management & marketing services. BrainCandy developed a WordPress website and provided digital marketing services to a garment manufacturing company, resulting in greater exposure and awareness. The client was pleased with the timeliness and the willingness of BrainCandy to grasp their project requirements.


Rankiology is a digital marketing organisation based in Mumbai, India. Established in 2016, their team of approximately 30 employees mainly serves small business and mid-market companies. Their services include SEO, Digital Strategy, PPC, etc. Rankiology operates SEO for the solar energy business and is also about to launch PPC. 

Briefkase Digital Communications

Briefkase Digital Communications is indeed a PPC and SEO agency based in Mumbai, India. Established in 2013, their team consists of about 25 members, mostly start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. Although their speciality is SEO, their team also delivers marketing on social media and web design. Briefkase Digital Communications performed SEO for the start-up of insurance. They audited the current assets of the client before simplifying their digital content. Their efforts have increased organic traffic and  increase search rankings.


The social wavelength, now known as MIRUM, is a tremendous digital marketing agency in Mumbai, established in San Diego, also additional offices in 25 well-known countries. When they tell their client that they have a firm touch, they’re not kidding about their contact relationship, but also PR is at the top of the game.

They are one of the best marketing agencies for developing and supporting brands and putting them on a map. A team full of innovative minds with unique and elegant ideas to give the best customer experience.


A digital marketing boutique focused on results led to creative strategies. Their 27 members strong team makes them the perfect match for any brand looking for a partner to help their marketing structure boost their growth. They forge as your extended marketing partner with efficient internal processes and subject-matter experience in digital technology. 

Web Stepup

Web-Stepup focuses on addressing current marketing problems by making effective use of digital marketing and automation resources. In the last seven years, they have collaborated with leading publishers such as (e.g., India Today, 9X Media, Lokmat), OTT leaders (e.g., Voot), and foreign e-commerce firms. They have also developed a patented ‘ready-counter’ tool that helps businesses analyse their automation journey and select the right automation tools.